Introducing: Konjac

Pronounced: Kon-yack

The konjac sponge is a cleansing and exfoliating tool made from the dried and ground root of the konjac tree. Asian cultures have used konjac roots for thousands of years, and more recently, used konjac sponges for 500 years. 

Our konjac sponges only contain natural ingredients, as it is essential that each sponge delivers the highest amount of nourishment to your skin without damaging the environment. We offer charcoal, pink french clay and green tea infused sponges. Through daily use, the sponges will leave your skin feeling cleansed, exfoliated and glowing. 

Which Konjac sponge is right for you?

Pink French Clay

Tired & Devitalised Skin

Our pink clay konjac sponge works best with sensitive skin, working to gently purify the skin while having a plumping and softening effect. In addition to this, your pink clay konjac sponge will improve your skin's elasticity, leaving you with a refreshed appearance. If you have been exposed to excessive sun, central heating or air conditioning, we recommend the pink clay konjac sponge, as it works to refresh tired and devitalised skin. 

Green Tea


Our green tea konjac sponge works hard to cleanse and exfoliate your skin, while having a cell-protecting function. We recommend this sponge for those who are looking to protect their skin from ageing, as it contains natural ingredients which improve the elasticity of the skin.


Blemish Prone Skin

Our activated charcoal konjac sponge is perfect for all skin types. It works to cleanse your skin, remove dirt and leave you with smooth, glowing skin. It is made from activated bamboo charcoal, konjac fibre and kaolin. These ingredients work to draw out dirt trapped in your pores and absorb excess oils and toxins. In addition, your konjac sponge will balance your skin's pH levels with its natural alkalinity.


Why does the konjac sponge work?

The konjac sponge is similar to body brushing in that it increases circulation in your face, exfoliates and cleanses the pores. Additionally the konjac sponge is helpful for dry patches, acne, blackheads and even slowing down the ageing process. 

As the main ingredient, konjac, contains vitamins A, B, C and D as well as proteins, lipids, fatty acids, copper, zinc, iron and magnesium, it is no wonder konjac has been hailed a 'super ingredient'. This means that your konjac sponge has enough innate cleansing properties to be used on its own but can also be used with, or without, your favourite cleanser.


How to use a konjac sponge


Step 1:

When you first touch your konjac sponge, you will notice it is quite small and very hard. This happens as the sponge is frozen and then dried in the manufacturing process for hygienic reasons. Soak or rinse the sponge in warm water for 3-4 minutes before the first use. Once this has been done, you will only need to soak it before each use for 20 seconds before it softens and expands. 


Step 2:

Once your konjac sponge has expanded and is full of water, gently squeeze excess water out and place a small amount of your favourite cleanser on the surface of the sponge. As the konjac sponge is filled with minerals and antioxidants, your skin will still see benefits if you use the sponge on its own.


Step 3:

Rub the konjac sponge in a circular motion. Focus on any dry and blackhead-prone areas. As the sponge is a mild exfoliant, you will not need to scrub hard for it to work. 


Step 4: 

Rinse the konjac sponge under cool water.  It is important that if cleanser has been used, to thoroughly rinse the sponge. Gently squeeze the excess water out of your sponge, making sure not to wring, twist or pull it. 


Step 5:

Once the konjac sponge is clean, hang it up to dry on your magic wall hook. Chose a place which has airflow, as humid environments cause bacteria to grow (preferably out of your shower).

Unlike other exfoliants which can contain micro-beads and harmful chemicals which damage our environment, the konjac sponge is completely natural, non-toxic, biodegradable, cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. 


What does a Konjac sponge feel like?

Konjac sponges are your daily replacement for washcloths and cotton pads, so it is only fitting that they are soft and gentle on your skin. The texture of a konjac sponge is similar to that of a makeup sponge. However, as a water barrier forms over the surface of the sponge, it makes it feel very slick and squishy.